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Shopping with Jafra (upcoming review)

Good morning friends!!! Today I am gonna share with you some pictures of my latest purchase with Jafra! Have a look and enjoy the show! Yes there was a leakage in box, I was so worried about that loss as every product is quite expensive. Gonna complain about that to them.                              I really like there packing personally and I love those white bubbles that come inside!                                          List of products :-  1 Hair scalp therapy treatment Ginger and Sea salt body rub Luxury organic beauty soaps ( Rose and lemon grass) Sun care Split end capsules ( to be applied on hair) Peppermint footbalm Double trend perfume Review coming !! Stay tuned! & have a great day!!

L'oreal Paris color riche gloss, l'oreal le kohl pure Review

Hi Beauties!!! I have been thinking of adding more and more reviews to the bucket but so much for my laziness. Well, not anymore!!  And today, I'm gonna review my shopping with L'oreal.  Here we go! Product - glam Lip gloss- red ravishing Price- 550 INR Best period of use- 3 years 157 red ravishing My take on this product- Well, this is my first lip gloss from L'oreal. When I bumped to one of the Loreal's counter while shopping, I couldn't resist trying one of those.My fondness for lip glosses made me buy one.I must say I really love this color, sort of reddish orange. Pros- 1) lovely color. 2) yummy taste. 3) very smooth and makes my lips silky smooth. 4) Adds grace to the overall face. 5) Lips stay soft even after all the gloss fades away. Cons :- 1) High price. Despite the color and supple thing, i think it is far high a price for what it provides. 2) Doesn't hide the lip pigmentation much. ( I hope it is clear f