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Biotique Bio Aloevera Lip Balm

Hey Beauties, Today I would like to share my reviews on a lip balm by Biotique. So here we start. BIOTIQUE BIO NOURISHING ALOEVERA LIP BALM MRP - 113/- QTY- 16 G SHELF LIFE- 3 years My experience- I am not a fan of Biotique green range but this one is my best buddy forever. Be it winter or summer, it always works for me. I have to reapply it sometimes to keep my lips moisturised but it is okay:) Its consistency is like -umm- butter to some extent. I use it beneath lipstick and sometimes even alone. It protects lips from UV rays which is like icing on the cake.What else to say.... I always take it with me wherever I go.One more thing: it doesn't increase the pigmentation if you have any nor does it lighten it though. I do not like the taste of it much, but it does a very good job in keeping even most chappy lips moisturised. Yes one more thing, after some time it gives a white residue/dead skin around the opening of lips, which is very annoying. I scrub it of

Amway Attitude Sunscreen Lotion

Hi Freinds, Today I will review one of my favorites & my Love-you-forever sunscreen lotion from the brand Amway.So here we go: ATTITUDE SUNSCREEN LOTION SPF 15 MRP- 425/- ( you will get discount of around 18% if you are a consultant) Qty.-   150 ml Shelf life- 2 years without flash with flash My experience with this product- The lotion's consistency is not too runny nor too thick. However, it is a little oily (thick). Amway claims that the lotion is apt for all skin types. I would like to disagree here. It is suitable but you need to vary the quantity you use according to the skin type. Oily skin will have to test it once. It may give acnes. It is no way a moisturizer, it is a sunscreen lotion, so you will have to use a light weight moisturizer before applying it especially if you have dry skin. I like using this lotion for two reasons- one is: it gives dewy finish to my face, adding glow to my skin. Second is: it is not very heav


Hey buddies, Here I am with yet another review of a product for intimate area's hygiene. I discussed in my earlier post about how effective the intimate washes are, and also reviewed Oriflame's & Avon's intimate wash. Read the post here Today, I will review another intimate wash for private area- V Wash. As Avon & Oriflame products are only available via their consultants. I decided to try some other brand's intimate wash which is readily available in the market. My search ended at V wash. So, here we go - V WASH PLUS Market price-160/- Quantity      - 100 ml Shelf life     -  2 years                 My take on it: V wash has runny consistency and is a transparent liquid like all other intimate wash products. It has a fragrance which is difficult to define but some may not like the fragrance. For me, I am okay with the fragrance as long as the wash does its job well. I feel fresh after using it. The area feels clean & odourles