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My TOP 5 Moisturisers for Combination / Acne Prone Skin

Blessed with high maintenance skin that gets oily and acne prone in summer and a little dry in winter, I keep experimenting with different moisturizers to find the ones that best suit my skin type. and I am so happy to share some which have worked really well for my skin. In this article today, I am covering all options from affordable to mid range to luxury moisturisers that are gentle on our skin type and never cause breakouts.  Here are my top 5: 1. Tatcha The Water Cream  This is one of the most gentle moisturisers I have ever used on my skin.  Usually, I expect my moisturiser to be a multi-tasker — provide youthful glow, brighten skin, etc. —  but this one only hydrates, yet there is nothing I would replace it for. When nothing else suits my skin, I come back to this. It has earned a permanent place in my skin care stash. Overall, absolutely and highly recommended. Tatcha's products are on a whole different level and worth buying.  MRP: 60 $ for 50 ml and 20 $ for 10 ml Color:

MAC Limited Edition Lip Kit SWATCHES - Twig, Verve, Chili

I am so excited to share my MAC lipstick Haul with all of you! So, this was a limited edition box curated by famous Shreya Jain. The box has 3 full sized lipsticks: Verve, Twig and Chili. I wanted to buy the shade chili and also twig, so buying this box made so much sense as I could save some money and also get two freebies: Samples of Mac fix plus and strobe cream.  M.R.P: 2950 INR Shelf Life: 36 months About the Shades From left to right: 1. Twig : Twig is a slightly cool pink shade which would look great on fair skin tone. On my NC35 skin tone, this shade doesn't look too flattering. It also highlights my dark circles.  2. Verve : Verve is a warm chocolatey brown shade that would look great on almost all skin tones. It looks beautiful on my skin complexion. I see myself wearing this shade a lot.  3. Chili : A bright warm orange, chili is the prettiest shade of all and my favorite. It is perfect for parties, festivals and for all those times when all you need is just a dab of lip

How To Use Facial Razor

An easy to use razor that removes facial hair without causing any pain or cuts.  The first time I used a facial razor, I ended up cutting my skin on various places. It hurt and I was worried that the cut would leave a mark. I was scared to use the razor again, but after a few months, I bought a razor from another brand and realized that it was the best tool to remove facial hair.  Here is my personal experience with the facial razors:  1. The pink razor in the image is from the brand Tinkle. I bought a set of 3 razors from Amazon at 35 INR. This razor has a flat blade and it may cut the skin. In fact, this is the first razor I used and I did get a cut.  2. The sky blue razor in the image is from the brand MINISO. This razor is marketed as brow razor, but it can be used as facial razor as well. I bought a set of 4 razors from Miniso Store at 190 INR. (You can buy this from Amazon as well). Now this razor is a bliss. Unlike Tinkle one, Miniso brow razor has a zig zag blade which is easy