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How to get shiny legs & body like celebrity

Hey girls! Today we are going to talk about all the things to make your body glow!                                                                         1 Starting with variety of nice body oils, Body lotion & creams & then ending with 2 home made recipes to make your skin smooth & soft to touch & lighter. We all care about our looks. We should. But how many of us do take care of our whole body looks? We do almost everything for our pretty face to look even prettier.Exfoliating, Toning, Moisturizing. But don't our whole body needs the same? IT DOES. And caring about it means getting really healthy radiant looking, smooth-to-touch skin. So here are some of Tips :- 1) While taking bath pour a cup of raw milk in your bucket full of water. Milk makes your skin tight, glowing, & lighter. It also adds a little moisture. 2) After taking bath don't forget to scrub your heels to slough off the dead cells every once in a while & apply a nice qual