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Beausilk | Silk Pillowcase | Sleep cap | Bonnet | review

An affair to remember, the silk pillowcase is a luxury that you don't want to miss for beautiful skin and hair. Product claims: India's first and only finest 100 % Mulberry (the brand is wrong here, there are 2 more brands and they also have authenticity certificates, so this claim is superficial indeed). Hypoallergenic, Anti-ageing benefits, reduces bed head, healthy skin and hair. Benefits : Skin : Silk has anti-ageing properties as it absorbs less moisture than other fabrics and is naturally anti-allergic. The tightly woven smooth fibers of silk help retain moisture in your skin thus reducing the fine lines & dryness and promoting youthful & hydrated skin. It helps in preventing or minimizing allergies, and doesn't allow dust and other allergens to settle on their surface. Hair: Unlike cotton fabric that leaves hair dry, rough, and tangled due to friction, silk has smooth texture that prevents tangling. MRP of head cap or Bonnet: 2299 INR (got i