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Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Ageing Review

Hey guys, Since I'll be soon turning 30, I needed to include something anti-ageing into my skin care routine; so, I bought this. I have almost finished this bottle and here is my full review: Product claims : Penetrates into skin's surface + hydrates to help firmer, smoother and plumped skin Price: 1699 INR Qty: 50 ml Shelf life: 3 years Directions and Ingredients:   click on the image for zooming My Experience:  Although I don't have much wrinkles, but I do have some laughing lines and fine lines under the eye area. The representative at Health and Glow store recommended this product and I bought it. I love dewy products and it is one of them. It makes my skin feel very smooth after applying it. It has fine gold particles that add very subtle radiance to skin. Although I have combination skin that turns a little oily in summer, this serum never feels sticky nor does it make me sweat more. Sometimes I use it as a base to my BB cream becau