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Blend It Raw Apothecary Rose Mist, Basil Mist / Toner | Review | Brand Awareness series #2

Hey guys,  Today I am going to share my review on yet another Indian Brand " Blend It Raw Apothecary" founded by Aarushi . The brand started with  organic essential oils and cold-pressed unrefined carrier oils, but later expanded its range to include unrefined clays, pure floral waters (hydrosols), waxes, & fruit, and plant butters which are all ethically sourced from small farmers, NGOs, certified organic manufacturers and suppliers.  (You will be making a social contribution while buying your skin care products!) I love this brand for some DIY recipes which I can create for my skin care and also, for its amazing mists/toners/hydrosols. Let's talk about Hydrosols :  Hydrosols are distilled water used for aroma-therapeutic purposes. These hydrosols act like toners but are more effective than our usual toners. I mean a Rose Hydrosol is more effective than a rose toner.:) I love the overall concept of these Hydrosols. MRP: 400 INR each Shelf l