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Dear Readers,

Welcome to my blog. I am Neha—a post graduate by degree, a verbal trainer by profession, and a blogger by passion. I first started this blog when I did not even have a camera. All I cared about was sharing my opinions for the sole purpose of helping someone.

Years later, when I became a hoarder of products ranging from skin care to make up, I wanted to share more information about the products to help people decide whether the product is really worth their investment or not. It pained me every time I spent money on a product that had good reviews or promising pitch/description/claim, but did not meet the claims it made. So, I decided to share my reviews so that others can be careful and think twice before buying a product. I am not a skin care expert; I only speak from my personal experience with the product(s).

Eight years later, I have done professional training and become a certified makeup artist. I use my knowledge and understanding of make up and skin care, however, by all means, I am no expert in this area. I am a consumer.

In my free time, I love sleeping, and learn new skills. Video editing has become my new hobby. You can stay connected to me on Instagram where I also share some DIYs including room or furniture makeovers.

What is this blog about?

This blog is specifically focused on skin care, hair care, and make up related product reviews. I also share some tips that have worked for me in all the above mentioned areas here from time to time. On some rare occasions, you might also see an article or two pop up about random stuff such as art and craft, travelling, food, technical gadgets, home appliances, etc. What can I say? If I find something worth sharing, I share, because I am a staunch believer of "SHARING IS CARING". In the future, I also intend to write articles on lifestyle and life experiences with your support. But the primary focus would always be the product reviews.

Besides I also run an educational blog as well as channel: Vocabulary Tablet. 

How to reach me?

If you have any question, you can post it in the comment section of any post. For any specific queries, collaborations, writing or requesting a guest post, or PR related queries, you can contact me at:

You can also reach me on Instagram: