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Top Eyeliners in India: Elevate Your Eye Game in 2024

Whether you're a makeup novice or a seasoned beauty guru, the right eyeliner can transform your look from simple to stunning. India, with its rich and diverse beauty market, offers a plethora of options to choose from. In this blog post, we’ll delve into some of the top eyeliners available in India that cater to different styles, preferences, and budgets. 1. Swiss Beauty Holographic Eyeliner Price: ₹300-450 Swiss Beauty Holographic Eyeliner brings a fun twist to your regular eyeliner game with its holographic finish. Perfect for parties and special occasions, it delivers a shiny, multi-dimensional look that stands out. BUY here Pros: Unique holographic finish Affordable Easy to apply Holographic 3D effect. Every shade is dual tone and has shimmer in it which looks stunning for an evening look or party. Cons: May not be ideal for everyday wear 2. Fenty Beauty Fly liner Price: ₹2,400 Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Flyliner is highly praised for its precision and staying power. The satin-
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My Most Favorite Skin Care/Make Up Products - 2022

There are some products that you never want to switch. You love them and continue to restock. Here are the products that have been my favorite for 2 years in a row because of their quality, texture and effectiveness. Hope you guys like them.  1.  Natural Vibes Ayurvedic Tea Tree Face Wash I am on my second bottle of this face wash and I have already purchased the third one. This has been my go to face wash because it is a gentle cleanser with calming effect thanks to the tea tree ingredient in it. One of the best cleansers for acne prone skin or combination skin.  Link to buy : 2. Laneige Lip Balm You would have seen this lip balm in my other posts and videos as well. I love this as night treatment for my lips. It provides hydration, softens the lips and takes away the dryness.  I also use it just before my makeup to moisturise my lips. This helps any lipstick to glide smoothly.  PRO TIP: Apply this balm 10 minutes before makeup and just before

Estee Lauder The Illuminator Primer + Finisher REVIEW

A sheer waste of money because neither this product holds my make up in place nor my expectations. I love buying high-end products. So, imagine my reaction when I entered Sephora in flesh and body for the first time! I was confused and wanted to buy so many things, but I didn't even know where to start.  The special assistant came to my rescue and suggested me some products and one of them was this Estee Lauder primer. I ended up spending about 10k INR that day and trust me when I say this: not even a single product was worth spending money on, which I discovered later when I became a consumer as well as the ever evolving hoarder of the makeup products.  How to use: Apply over clean, moisturized skin, Smooth evenly all over face, Wear alone, underneath makeup or to touch up and highlight as desired.  MRP: 2950 INR for 30 ml  Shelf Life: 24 months after opening Now listening to its functions, it does seem like MAC strobe cream which costs 3400 INR for 50 ml and is a cult favorite fo

My TOP 5 Moisturisers for Combination / Acne Prone Skin

Blessed with high maintenance skin that gets oily and acne prone in summer and a little dry in winter, I keep experimenting with different moisturizers to find the ones that best suit my skin type. and I am so happy to share some which have worked really well for my skin. In this article today, I am covering all options from affordable to mid range to luxury moisturisers that are gentle on our skin type and never cause breakouts.  Here are my top 5: 1. Tatcha The Water Cream  This is one of the most gentle moisturisers I have ever used on my skin.  Usually, I expect my moisturiser to be a multi-tasker — provide youthful glow, brighten skin, etc. —  but this one only hydrates, yet there is nothing I would replace it for. When nothing else suits my skin, I come back to this. It has earned a permanent place in my skin care stash. Overall, absolutely and highly recommended. Tatcha's products are on a whole different level and worth buying.  MRP: 60 $ for 50 ml and 20 $ for 10 ml Color:

MAC Limited Edition Lip Kit SWATCHES - Twig, Verve, Chili

I am so excited to share my MAC lipstick Haul with all of you! So, this was a limited edition box curated by famous Shreya Jain. The box has 3 full sized lipsticks: Verve, Twig and Chili. I wanted to buy the shade chili and also twig, so buying this box made so much sense as I could save some money and also get two freebies: Samples of Mac fix plus and strobe cream.  M.R.P: 2950 INR Shelf Life: 36 months About the Shades From left to right: 1. Twig : Twig is a slightly cool pink shade which would look great on fair skin tone. On my NC35 skin tone, this shade doesn't look too flattering. It also highlights my dark circles.  2. Verve : Verve is a warm chocolatey brown shade that would look great on almost all skin tones. It looks beautiful on my skin complexion. I see myself wearing this shade a lot.  3. Chili : A bright warm orange, chili is the prettiest shade of all and my favorite. It is perfect for parties, festivals and for all those times when all you need is just a dab of lip

How To Use Facial Razor

An easy to use razor that removes facial hair without causing any pain or cuts.  The first time I used a facial razor, I ended up cutting my skin on various places. It hurt and I was worried that the cut would leave a mark. I was scared to use the razor again, but after a few months, I bought a razor from another brand and realized that it was the best tool to remove facial hair.  Here is my personal experience with the facial razors:  1. The pink razor in the image is from the brand Tinkle. I bought a set of 3 razors from Amazon at 35 INR. This razor has a flat blade and it may cut the skin. In fact, this is the first razor I used and I did get a cut.  2. The sky blue razor in the image is from the brand MINISO. This razor is marketed as brow razor, but it can be used as facial razor as well. I bought a set of 4 razors from Miniso Store at 190 INR. (You can buy this from Amazon as well). Now this razor is a bliss. Unlike Tinkle one, Miniso brow razor has a zig zag blade which is easy

Beauty Glazed Color Board Palette - REVIEW

A 3-in-1 eye shadow palette offering 72 colors to play with, Beauty Glazed Color Board Palette is a highly recommended palette especially for beginners .  Packaging Sturdy book style My Experience I bought this palette because I was bored of my neutral palettes. I wanted to use bright color shadows, but since it was just an experiment, I didn't want to spend a lot on a palette. When I saw this palette, it seemed just the right one for my experiments.  I have been using this palette a lot during my makeup practice sessions and master classes, and I have created a lot of looks with  just this one palette. It is so versatile and easy to carry that I often reach out for it even if I have many other palettes. It has all the shades we usually need: neutrals as well as vibrant ones. It has all textures we need: matte, shimmers as well as foil ones.   (You can check the looks I created with this palette on my Instagram: Look 1:) View this post on Instagram A post share

How To Clean Beauty Blender

There are many YouTube videos on different ways of cleaning beauty blenders. Some can ruin your blender and even reduce its life. So, here is a step by step guide  on how you can clean your beauty blender properly. This is how I was taught to clean it during my makeup classes in Delhi. STEP 1: USE A GENTLE to MILD CLEANSER Take a gentle soap such as Johnson's baby or Dove in your palms, and wet it to create lather.  Don'ts ❌Use oil to clean beauty blenders ❌Soak beauty blender for too long in water ❌Use dishwasher liquid, harsh shampoos, or detergent to clean your beauty blender. Since the beauty blenders are porous in nature, the oil may go into the pores of the sponge and, despite proper cleaning, may clog the pores. (Makes sense, as the same thing happens with our skin too). The dishwasher liquid or shampoo may affect the sponge quality badly and may make the sponge stiff.  For flawless makeup, it is very important to have a squeeshy soft and high quality beauty blender, so