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Hey buddies, Here I am with yet another review of a product for intimate area's hygiene. I discussed in my earlier post about how effective the intimate washes are, and also reviewed Oriflame's & Avon's intimate wash. Read the post here Today, I will review another intimate wash for private area- V Wash. As Avon & Oriflame products are only available via their consultants. I decided to try some other brand's intimate wash which is readily available in the market. My search ended at V wash. So, here we go - V WASH PLUS Market price-160/- Quantity      - 100 ml Shelf life     -  2 years                 My take on it: V wash has runny consistency and is a transparent liquid like all other intimate wash products. It has a fragrance which is difficult to define but some may not like the fragrance. For me, I am okay with the fragrance as long as the wash does its job well. I feel fresh after using it. The area feels clean & odourles

Feminine Intimate wash (Avon & Oriflame)

Hi buddies!!  So delighted to come in touch  with all of you again!! Today I am going to review  Intimate wash- one from Oriflame & one from Avon. First of all, some information about importance & purpose of an intimate wash for those who are new to the concept. Intimate wash is what i consider is a sort of gift to maintain hygiene & to take good care of a women's intimate/vaginal area. It maintains freshness, protects the area from mild infections & prevents any odour. In the days of periods, when every girl or woman needs special care for that particular area, this wash comes in handy.Overall, it's a great product for every female who likes to stay fresh & clean. Now coming to the product:- AVON SIMPLY DELICATE FEMININE WASH: - MARKET PRICE:- 169/-   QTY:- 100 ML SHELF LIFE:- 3 YEARS                                          About product :- This pH-balanced soap free and pleasantly scented liquid gel feminine wash provide