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Most favorite Korean/Chinese drama list - 1

Hey guys, I'm not sure when my obsession with korean dramas started. May be when I got really tired of long running Indian serials with the repetitive plots? When the stories stopped making sense:) SO today I am compiling a list of the dramas that I have watched in the past 3 years and don't mind watching time and again. If you haven't started yet, I am very sure, you will get addicted once you start! I will split the list in 2 parts. You will find the link of the second list in the end of this post. Note: (I'm not writing them in any sequence. They are all my favorites and can't really number them) 1. LOVE O2O  Review : Purely entertaining, super smooth love story packed with comedy. No break ups, No push and pull and No melodrama. Most favorite until now. This is the first Chinese drama that I am head over heels in love with. A must watch. All the 30 episodes make the time still and you are so engrossed in the story that you would want this to