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Quilling and Silk thread necklace, earrings

Hey Everyone, Today I am introducing you all to my new hobby: making jewelry at home by silk thread or quilling. Here I am sharing with all of you the pics and in the end a tutorial link if you wish to spend your energy and give it a try:)                                             If you like it all, here are the tutorials to teach you step by step how to make these. For Quilling: For Silk thread: Have fun creating!!

Greeting card at home

Hi sweet pies! A very good morning to all of you!!! In this post I'll share some of the greetings cards made by me on special occasions. There was a time when everyone rushed for Archies greetings.We love to give presents & obviously love to receive! But don't you think the joy doubles when someone gives us or we give someone a gift specially made by us?I 'll say-Yes!you give just a small gift that is handmade- with love & anybody would prefer that over market made. Home made gifts can be a little difficult or easy to make depending upon your choice.These are cheap & at the same time means a lot to someone you want to present it & trust me, it can be life saver in many moments! It's never difficult to make someone happy or to impress someone. A good intention & your love for that special one is all it takes:) Be it your mom, dad, partner, brother, sister, friends or anyone! So here we go ! This one I prepared for Mother's day.You&#