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Homeoculture Combo of 7 hair accessories Review, how to Donut- tutorial (HOTD)

Hey everyone, I saw a lot of queries on amazon website about this product. Since, I have bought it, amazon sent me a question asked by a customer on how to use these accessories. I thought it would be good to share the review on blog in case any of you is planning to buy it. So here we go: This packet comes in 7 accessories (actually 11): 3 size hair donuts 3 size Banana Bumpits 2 Tic Tac Puff maker 2 Volumizers 1 Magic Puff Maker The instructions on the packet are in Chinese, so can't understand:( Price: 295 INR                                                                                                        Banana Bumpits in 3 sizes                                                                     Magic puff maker Donuts- my absolute favorites Pictorial presentation for how to use the Volumizer and tic tac. My Experience: To start with, I have very thin hair. So I wanted something that can add volume to it and at the sa

Loreal Total repair Conditioner review

Hey Dearies! Today our review is about LOREAL's Total Repair 5 Repairing Conditioner. So here we go!( Apologies in advance for not-so-clear pics). Product Description: -Damaged hair can lack the natural cement which keeps the hair strong & resilient.To ensure cohesion and strength, the LOreal laboratories have created ceramide-cement technology to replicate the hair's natural cement,targeting the 5 problems. 1. Repairs: -  the hair fibre, the hair structure is reinforced and hair regains strength like new. 2. Transforms : the hair surface to regular and smooth condition. Net wt.90 g Price:-  80 INR Shelf life:-36 months My take on this experience : - This was my 5 th conditioner  after first Aviance, Dove, Sunsilk, Avon, & then L`oreal in 4 years! Loreal total repair conditioner comes in a nice sleek bottle.The conditioner is  creamy white with decent consistency. I chose a small bottle for my experiment.As it claims-"for dry damaged hair&qu

Biotique Wellness HAIR PACK Liquorice micro Action

Hey Beauties!!! Hope you are all enjoying your time! I know it has been a long time since I updated.But I'm back now!With lots of exciting stuff you will all love! Just stay in touch & be a part of our blog family.& do let me know your reviews & suggestions .I'll be more then happy to help! So here we go with our Review of the day!! This time I'm going to review a product for hair nourishment & shine from BIOTIQUE WELLNESS .I'm sure most of you have not heard of this brand.Don't misunderstand this brand with   BIOTIQUE BOTANICALS. Biotique Wellness is actually not marketed  much in shopping malls or local cosmetic store.But some of the products from Biotique wellness are really good.The Plus point-These products are Ayurvedic & belongs to BIO VEDA ACTION RESEARCH COMPANY. Today my review is about BIOTIQUE WELLNESS's HAIR PACK.So here we go!      Product Description: - Rejuvenating blend of herbs help hair growth.A hair p

MATRIX Biolage smoothing serum for dry,frizzy hair

Hey Friends!! Wishing all of you a wonderful day ahead! Here is an exciting news for all you! I'll be announcing my first giveaway soon!stay in touch Beauties!! Coming back to the review: - Serum is a necessity for dry/frizzy hairs to keep hair looking silky& glossy.Today my review is on Matrix serum.   Biolage smoothing serum smoothes dry, frizzy hair and unruly hair.A fusion of taming polymers and avocado and grape seed oils gently envelops hair to control frizz and seal in smoothness without weight.Hair stays shiny,nourished,and manageable all day. Net Vol. 100 ml Shelf life:-30 months Price:-245 INR Ingredients :- Cyclopentasiloxane,dimethiconol,Avocado oil,grape seed oil,Limonene,Hexyl cinnamal, Linalool,Benzyl benzoate,Fragrance  My take on Matrix Serum:- I was adviced to use a serum by my hair dresser.It is a transparent slippery  fluid. I've been using this serum for about a whole holy year now!& must say serum is o