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E.L.F Makeup Mist and Set Review

Skin type: Combination, acne prone Color: Wheatish fair So, I have recently been expanding my horizons in terms of makeup, and you know, in the makeup world, Setting sprays are a must! They bind your makeup, make it sweat proof and keep it fresh for 7-8 hours and do even more. But, a wrong spray, and all your makeup efforts can be ruined. This is what E.L.F mist does to me. MRP: $4  Qty:  60 ml (2.02 oz) Shelf life: 6 months  Color : Transparent Fragrance : I don't know how to describe it, but it is strong and bad. (Absolutely dislike it) Product description and Ingredients Click on the image for zooming in. My Experience: Maybe I'm not using the right technique to apply it, but then don't all sprays work the same way- hold them at an arm's length, and spritz on your face? First, the smell of this mist literally makes me want to skip using it. I can really do without it than bearing with the obnoxious smell. Still, I tried it few times. E

Neutogena ultra sheer dry touch Sunblock SPF 50+

Bonjour! I'm reviewing my current favorite and I think future forever favorite SPF today. It's Neutrogena! Why did not I try it before? Let's get started. Product description: Neutogena ultra sheer dry touch Sunblock SPF 50+ PA+++ is a breakthrough in sun protection. Stabilized with Helioplex, it provides superior balanced broad spectrum protection against aging UVA and burning UVB rays. Dry touch Technology gives an ultra-light and non-shiny finish. The light-weight sunscreen has a light fresh scent and is gentle enough even for sensitive skin. Water resistant, sweat resistant, resists rub off.  Non-Comedogenic (won't clog pores) Oil free and PABA free MRP: 549 INR (got it @ 480 on discount) Shelf life: 3 years Qty: 88 ml Finish : It says matte but actually it is demi matte. I have combination skin and although it doesn't make my skin oily or anything, it adds a sheen to my face.  Texture and consistency : It's like thick creamy lot