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How To Clean Beauty Blender

There are many YouTube videos on different ways of cleaning beauty blenders. Some can ruin your blender and even reduce its life. So, here is a step by step guide  on how you can clean your beauty blender properly. This is how I was taught to clean it during my makeup classes in Delhi. STEP 1: USE A GENTLE to MILD CLEANSER Take a gentle soap such as Johnson's baby or Dove in your palms, and wet it to create lather.  Don'ts ❌Use oil to clean beauty blenders ❌Soak beauty blender for too long in water ❌Use dishwasher liquid, harsh shampoos, or detergent to clean your beauty blender. Since the beauty blenders are porous in nature, the oil may go into the pores of the sponge and, despite proper cleaning, may clog the pores. (Makes sense, as the same thing happens with our skin too). The dishwasher liquid or shampoo may affect the sponge quality badly and may make the sponge stiff.  For flawless makeup, it is very important to have a squeeshy soft and high quality beauty blender, so