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FINISHING TOUCH FLAWLESS Facial Hair Remover- Review

Hey guys, I am so happy today to introduce this product that I recently betted on-I mean bought with a little skepticism. The product was often talked about on Instagram and I am, like always, a curious bird. So, although there were plenty of bad reviews on Ulta (some of them claiming that it gave them rashes), I took my chances and bought this toy. Spoiler : I love flawless. Read on to know why.               Price : 2500 INR (I bought it from an insta reseller. If you buy it directly from US, it will be cheaper for you) Purpose : used for removing facial hair, especially upper lips. The company also has similar tools for removing hair from eyebrows and legs. But my main concern was upper lips. I wanted to be able to do my upper lips conveniently, whenever and wherever I wanted. So, I was compelled to buy this little tool. Description: The flawless comes with detailed instructions on how to insert cell, in which direction you should use, how to clean it,