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5 daily Body Lotions/ Moisturizers review

Helloooowwwww Friends!!! I can't possibly express my joy over being able to write again and connect with all of you!! Love you so much!! Okay, so without wasting even a single minute, let's get started with our OPERATION Body lotions!! Today, I have picked a few of the most common body moisturizers/ lotions which are readily available in the market.Enjoy the review & don't forget to leave your valuable feedback and comments and whatever you like!:) 1. AMWAY G&H body lotion:     MRP 405 INR, NET QTY. 250 ML Suspected Harmful chemicals - Although all the ingredients used in this lotion are said to be safe. But some of them are banned in Europe for their carcinogenic (e.g potential to cause breast cancer) and other toxic properties. Those harmful ingredients which are found even in this lotion are:- TEA ( triethanolamine), DEA, diazolidinyl urea , Parabens Consistency - A little runny like shampoo. Skin stays matte.( Neither feels rough n