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How To Use Facial Razor

An easy to use razor that removes facial hair without causing any pain or cuts.  The first time I used a facial razor, I ended up cutting my skin on various places. It hurt and I was worried that the cut would leave a mark. I was scared to use the razor again, but after a few months, I bought a razor from another brand and realized that it was the best tool to remove facial hair.  Here is my personal experience with the facial razors:  1. The pink razor in the image is from the brand Tinkle. I bought a set of 3 razors from Amazon at 35 INR. This razor has a flat blade and it may cut the skin. In fact, this is the first razor I used and I did get a cut.  2. The sky blue razor in the image is from the brand MINISO. This razor is marketed as brow razor, but it can be used as facial razor as well. I bought a set of 4 razors from Miniso Store at 190 INR. (You can buy this from Amazon as well). Now this razor is a bliss. Unlike Tinkle one, Miniso brow razor has a zig zag blade which is easy