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“It is rightly said that Makeup is an art & Any art is so incomplete without perfect brushes ”! Neha:) These professional makeup brushes make huge difference in your make up specifically when chosen wisely.Right make up brushes help you to achieve the flawless look you have ever desired.  So here we go in our attempt to cut short your wishlist of make up brushes & to make your list an effective one. *How should be your Brush material -Total says-“ The makeup formula you use helps you to determine whether to choose natural ,real hairs brush(like goat hair brush) or synthetic, fake hair brush (like plastic fiber).  Natural Brushes are better for dry products like Blush, Eye shadows & synthetic brushes are better for creamy products like foundation or concealer.” So! Now you know what kind of brush you’ll be looking for next time you go shopping.:) Note that any brush you purchase should be easy & natural on your skin. It shouldn’t be too rough