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Neutrogena Hand Cream Norwegian Formula

My first hand cream: it is nourishing like a balm and leaves hands soft to touch. But it would never make it to my holy grails. Read on to know the detailed review. Product claim: This formula delivers effective relief for severely dry and chapped hands. It's so concentrated that only a small amount instantly creates a moisture barrier to sooth driest skin like wrapping your hands with a moisture bandage. Feel instant moisturizing result, long-lasting softness, and overall healthier skin even in harsh winter condition. MRP: 349 INR Qty: 56g Shelf life: 3 years Color : white and Semi opaque Consistency : In between gel and rich cream Click on the image for zooming My experience:  Since I have OCD and wash my hands numerous times, my hands have become dry and it is said that the first signs of age appear on our hands. So, I had to start caring for them. The Neutrogena was my first hand cream. I just have to take a small drop and that is enough to keep my ha