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Travelling from Airport to New Delhi Railway station- complete guide

Since my home town is in Punjab. I often travel to Delhi then take a train from there to Punjab. From airport I have been many times conned by taxi drivers. They charged me as high as 800-900 INR to station. Besides, I wanted to find a safer, cheaper and time efficient mode of travelling. Nothing sounded better than Delhi Metro service. So here is the complete guide including food recommendations. If you are travelling from Airport especially Terminal T1 to New Delhi Railway station or vice versa then read on. This article is written for you. Interestingly, there are two metro options to travel from Airport Terminal T1: 1) New Delhi Metro (regular metro) 2) Airport express line (special metro for airport). So upon arrival on Delhi Airport Terminal T1 , I walked a certain distance to reach Delhi Metro, from where I got a ticket @40 INR for New Delhi Railway station . But I had to change metro at the station called Hauz Khas. My train arrived at Plaform no.2 (The train route is wr

Quilling and Silk thread necklace, earrings

Hey Everyone, Today I am introducing you all to my new hobby: making jewelry at home by silk thread or quilling. Here I am sharing with all of you the pics and in the end a tutorial link if you wish to spend your energy and give it a try:)                                             If you like it all, here are the tutorials to teach you step by step how to make these. For Quilling: For Silk thread: Have fun creating!!

My experience of Vipassana

It was getting complicated. I wanted to spend some time with me. On a secluded place where I could hear my voice.  I was taking the most crucial decisions of my life and I didn’t want to be reckless with it. Also, it required a lot of courage. I was also noticing some behavioral changes in me, which I didn’t like at all. The signs of Irritation, quick temper, hopelessness    & negativity were the clues enough to make me jump into action.  I chose Vippassana which have been long recommended to me by my Well wisher. Owing to my specific needs of a well maintained, Hygienic place and that too in a hilly area, I zeroed in upon ‘Igatpuri ‘ &’ Nagarjuna Sagar’ centre. Finally, giving to the proximity to my place & counting on my safety, I finally selected Nagarjuna Sagar. It was an online application form that I was supposed to fill in order to get in the queue. 1 week later they confirmed my seat. I was damn excited!! I didn’t have much difficulty in finding m