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Ruby's Concealer Balm NEUTRAL

Welcome to my blog guys:) So if you have been following me on Instagram (nneha89) , you probably know how much I love this concealer. But just in case, let me tell you my opinion on this as objectively as possible. So Ruby's is an Indian organic makeup brand that is slowly expanding. I was very curious to try their products and bought this  concealer  (after shade consultation with the Ruby's team),  Tan Blush , and  Nuddy Lipstick  crayon. When I told them that I am a blogger, they were very kind to give their Orange lip balm as freebie.  So let's get started. Price:  1100 INR (Oh my!) Shelf life : 18 months (for an organic product, this shelf life is very good) Qty: 7 gms Claims : 100% natural, organic, cruelty free, parabens free. Texture : Creamy Smell: um...hard to describe. Something like a mix of clay and oil? But then it has kaolin clay and jojoba oil. Personally, I didn't like the smell.  Note : In summer, I no