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Kérastase Densifique Hair Masque | Review | Conditioner vs Mask | which one to use?

Hey guys, Today I am going to take you through the difference between hair conditioners and masks, how to use them and then a quick review of my new favorite hair mask: Kerastase Densifique hair mask Difference between hair conditioner and hair masque : 1. Hair conditioner is light-weight and is like a daily moisturiser that can be used everyday as well, whereas hair mask is like a facial massage cream that is thicker, more hydrating and is meant to be used for deep nourishment once in a while. 2. While hair conditioners can be used everyday, hair masks are ideally used once in a week or once in 15 days. 3. Generally, we keep hair conditioner on our hair for about 1-2 minutes before rinsing it off, but hair masks are kept for longer duration. You can keep hair masks for 5-10 minutes, or even 15-20 minutes on your hair. 4. Hair conditioners are only used after hair wash, whereas hair masks can be used both as before hair wash and after hair wash treatment. I like to use it

Shopping with Jafra (upcoming review)

Good morning friends!!! Today I am gonna share with you some pictures of my latest purchase with Jafra! Have a look and enjoy the show! Yes there was a leakage in box, I was so worried about that loss as every product is quite expensive. Gonna complain about that to them.                              I really like there packing personally and I love those white bubbles that come inside!                                          List of products :-  1 Hair scalp therapy treatment Ginger and Sea salt body rub Luxury organic beauty soaps ( Rose and lemon grass) Sun care Split end capsules ( to be applied on hair) Peppermint footbalm Double trend perfume Review coming !! Stay tuned! & have a great day!!