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Gokul Sandiva Pure Sandalwood Face Powder

Hey everyone, Never ever I thought that I will be reviewing a product bought randomly in a supermarket! But this product is worth mentioning. So read on for the full review. What the company claims : Make Up that works to give you flawless finish. Gokul Sandiva Face powder is a natural make up. Its chemical-free formula suits all skin types. It works all day to give you a clear, glowing complexion and the fragrance of natural sandalwood keeps you feeling fresh through the day. Key Ingredients: Sandalwood, Saffron, Rose Extracts Net wt. 5 grams Price: 105 INR Shelf life: 3 years MY EXPERIENCE I bought it just randomly while buying some stuff in Ratnadeep Super Market 2 years ago. It was resting in my Almirah for 2 years. Just recently, I have become obsessed with all sorts of powders and bought MAC's Mineralize skin finish, I already have Oriflame's translucent powder and by chance my eyes fell on this powder which I never used until now. I


Hey everyone! Today I am going to review Loreal's under eye whitening cream. So read on! What the company claims:                                                      Ingredients:                                                        MRP: 599 INR Net content: 15 ml Shelf life: 3 years My experience with Loreal's eye cream: As my work involves sitting in front of computer for long hours, I have got, as a result, dark circles (though not very dark, but dark enough to bother me). I am not much of a make up person so using concealer everyday is out of option. I wanted a more permanent solution and hence started my search for an under eye cream. I have previously used Badam Rogan which is an oil, rich in vitamin E and it worked well to reduce the dark circles, but this time, I wanted to check out a cream. Loreal's this eye cream can be used in both morning and night. So I apply it everyday in both times as mentioned. A very little product is required. The con