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Most favorite Korean/Chinese drama list - 1

Hey guys, I'm not sure when my obsession with korean dramas started. May be when I got really tired of long running Indian serials with the repetitive plots? When the stories stopped making sense:) SO today I am compiling a list of the dramas that I have watched in the past 3 years and don't mind watching time and again. If you haven't started yet, I am very sure, you will get addicted once you start! I will split the list in 2 parts. You will find the link of the second list in the end of this post. Note: (I'm not writing them in any sequence. They are all my favorites and can't really number them) 1. LOVE O2O  Review : Purely entertaining, super smooth love story packed with comedy. No break ups, No push and pull and No melodrama. Most favorite until now. This is the first Chinese drama that I am head over heels in love with. A must watch. All the 30 episodes make the time still and you are so engrossed in the story that you would want this to

DIOR Hydra life water BB SPF 30 review

Hey guys, I bought this Dior BB lotion at Sephora when I was in Delhi. So here is my quick review: MRP: 5000 INR Qty: 30 ml Shade : I was matched to the shade 020, and it looks absolutely fine on my skin. For reference: I am MAC NC 35-40 with yellow undertones. Texture: It's like a lotion with creamy consistency. Finish: After applying, it gives a nice dewy finish on the skin and moisturizes which is enough for oily or combination skin but dry skin beauties may need to moisturize the skin before using it. Coverage: Sheer to light medium My thoughts: I like it for adding luminosity to my skin when it feels dull. It has SPF 30 which is good. It looks natural on skin and has never given me any breakouts either. This BB also has good staying power (4-6 hrs) BUT, this water BB comes out easily if I wipe off my face. It is a sheer coverage and doesn't hide pigmentation etc. It's not even water or sweat resistant. It is a good option in winter, but in sum