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Dame Essentials | Silk Pillowcase | Review

A once in a lifetime investment that will make your hair and skin happy while giving you an aesthetic pleasure. Dame Essentials was the first brand I read about, which sells silk pillowcases in India. Since the brand's name has done rounds in several famed magazines like Vogue and Elle, I wanted to buy one product from them but the price always held me back. Recently, I went on a silk shopping binge and ordered one product from all three brands which are currently offering silk products in India. Dame Essentials is the most expensive among all, probably due to its brand value. Read on the complete review: Product claims:  Crafted with love and obsessive attention to detail, we bring to you the solution for beautiful skin and hair. Say hello to the luxury of youthful sleeping experience with anti-ageing benefits, without investing any extra time. When you rest your head after a tired day on our pillowcase, you will instantly feel relaxed and taken care of. Our pillowcase

Beausilk | Silk Pillowcase | Sleep cap | Bonnet | review

An affair to remember, the silk pillowcase is a luxury that you don't want to miss for beautiful skin and hair. Product claims: India's first and only finest 100 % Mulberry (the brand is wrong here, there are 2 more brands and they also have authenticity certificates, so this claim is superficial indeed). Hypoallergenic, Anti-ageing benefits, reduces bed head, healthy skin and hair. Benefits : Skin : Silk has anti-ageing properties as it absorbs less moisture than other fabrics and is naturally anti-allergic. The tightly woven smooth fibers of silk help retain moisture in your skin thus reducing the fine lines & dryness and promoting youthful & hydrated skin. It helps in preventing or minimizing allergies, and doesn't allow dust and other allergens to settle on their surface. Hair: Unlike cotton fabric that leaves hair dry, rough, and tangled due to friction, silk has smooth texture that prevents tangling. MRP of head cap or Bonnet: 2299 INR (got i

Quilling and Silk thread necklace, earrings

Hey Everyone, Today I am introducing you all to my new hobby: making jewelry at home by silk thread or quilling. Here I am sharing with all of you the pics and in the end a tutorial link if you wish to spend your energy and give it a try:)                                             If you like it all, here are the tutorials to teach you step by step how to make these. For Quilling: For Silk thread: Have fun creating!!