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Homeoculture Combo of 7 hair accessories Review, how to Donut- tutorial (HOTD)

Hey everyone, I saw a lot of queries on amazon website about this product. Since, I have bought it, amazon sent me a question asked by a customer on how to use these accessories. I thought it would be good to share the review on blog in case any of you is planning to buy it. So here we go: This packet comes in 7 accessories (actually 11): 3 size hair donuts 3 size Banana Bumpits 2 Tic Tac Puff maker 2 Volumizers 1 Magic Puff Maker The instructions on the packet are in Chinese, so can't understand:( Price: 295 INR                                                                                                        Banana Bumpits in 3 sizes                                                                     Magic puff maker Donuts- my absolute favorites Pictorial presentation for how to use the Volumizer and tic tac. My Experience: To start with, I have very thin hair. So I wanted something that can add volume to it and at the sa