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Homeoculture Combo of 7 hair accessories Review, how to Donut- tutorial (HOTD)

Hey everyone, I saw a lot of queries on amazon website about this product. Since, I have bought it, amazon sent me a question asked by a customer on how to use these accessories. I thought it would be good to share the review on blog in case any of you is planning to buy it. So here we go: This packet comes in 7 accessories (actually 11): 3 size hair donuts 3 size Banana Bumpits 2 Tic Tac Puff maker 2 Volumizers 1 Magic Puff Maker The instructions on the packet are in Chinese, so can't understand:( Price: 295 INR                                                                                                        Banana Bumpits in 3 sizes                                                                     Magic puff maker Donuts- my absolute favorites Pictorial presentation for how to use the Volumizer and tic tac. My Experience: To start with, I have very thin hair. So I wanted something that can add volume to it and at the sa

How to get WHITE and Bright teeth Naturally

Hey girls! This post is dedicated to all the people in this world who want to have pearly white and healthy teeth. Our teeth are as important as any other part of our beauty like face. Won't you agree? But most of us are lazy enough to ignore this specific teeth part. consequence? - Dentist visit. I personally hate it to go to dentist! I wanted something natural and as usual cost effective. So here I am giving you 2 sure shot ways to get white teeth.These 2 ways not only gives white teeth but also keeps the dentist away for the lifetime! Unless, of course, you don't want some specific services:) 1.) OIL PULLING : - My favorite. Oil pulling method, suggested by Ayurveda, has been used in India since ancient days &  these days, it is also recommended by doctors as healthy practice. How to do it:-  Step 1) - Take  anywhere from 1& 1/2 tsp to 3 tsp of any oil ( food quality oil) like vegetable oil, coconut oil, olive oil. Step 2) - Keep swooshing i

How to get shiny legs & body like celebrity

Hey girls! Today we are going to talk about all the things to make your body glow!                                                                         1 Starting with variety of nice body oils, Body lotion & creams & then ending with 2 home made recipes to make your skin smooth & soft to touch & lighter. We all care about our looks. We should. But how many of us do take care of our whole body looks? We do almost everything for our pretty face to look even prettier.Exfoliating, Toning, Moisturizing. But don't our whole body needs the same? IT DOES. And caring about it means getting really healthy radiant looking, smooth-to-touch skin. So here are some of Tips :- 1) While taking bath pour a cup of raw milk in your bucket full of water. Milk makes your skin tight, glowing, & lighter. It also adds a little moisture. 2) After taking bath don't forget to scrub your heels to slough off the dead cells every once in a while & apply a nice qual


“It is rightly said that Makeup is an art & Any art is so incomplete without perfect brushes ”! Neha:) These professional makeup brushes make huge difference in your make up specifically when chosen wisely.Right make up brushes help you to achieve the flawless look you have ever desired.  So here we go in our attempt to cut short your wishlist of make up brushes & to make your list an effective one. *How should be your Brush material -Total says-“ The makeup formula you use helps you to determine whether to choose natural ,real hairs brush(like goat hair brush) or synthetic, fake hair brush (like plastic fiber).  Natural Brushes are better for dry products like Blush, Eye shadows & synthetic brushes are better for creamy products like foundation or concealer.” So! Now you know what kind of brush you’ll be looking for next time you go shopping.:) Note that any brush you purchase should be easy & natural on your skin. It shouldn’t be too rough

Say bye to FRIZZ!

Hey Buddies! I hope you are all doing well!!All the Lovely Beautiful Readers just stay in touch!                                               Here I'm discussing a few easy things to do which will help you out in controlling frizz so that your hairs become manageable & more beautiful! 1) Use a silk pillowcase.This is very important.Because cotton fabric pillow tends to devoid your hair's natural moisture resulting in drier hair because of more friction.So use a silk pillow.It helps in keeping your hairs smooth. 2) Invest in a good conditioner.Conditioner smooths the hairs and frizzy, dry hairs desperately need it.But while applying a creamy conditioner keep it in mind to apply the conditioner only from mid shafts to end.Not from roots to end specially if you have fine hairs. 3) Use a good quality, light anti frizz Serum.This is very very important.If you have dry hair or damaged or fine hair or frizzy hair.Serum is a must for you!!I'm personally using Matrix

Get Beautiful,Glowing & Fair complexion at Home/ recipes

                                              1) Take the juice of 1 tomato add the juice of 1/3 rd lemon in it.Apply it on your cleansed face for 20 min.Wash off with cold water.Do it daily or on alternative days.Your skin will be fairer in a month. 2) Mix the appropriate amount of sandalwood powder in raw milk.Make a thick paste.Apply all over your face & neck.Leave it for 20 min.Wash with lukewarm water.Sandalwood is well known for its fairness effect.Results need patience.It is a really good pack for tanned & sun burned skin too. 3)  Mix a tsp of honey with 4 drops of lemon juice.Apply for 20 min.Wash it off with cold water.It is a very effective pack for glowing skin.Honey has anti microbial properties & a very good moisturizer.Combining it with the bleaching properties of lemon gives you what you want.fair,glowing & soft skin.This pack is really good for winter season. 4)Take 1 tsp of gram flour,add a pinch of turmeric,3-4 drops of lemon juice &