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Homeoculture Combo of 7 hair accessories Review, how to Donut- tutorial (HOTD)

Hey everyone,

I saw a lot of queries on amazon website about this product. Since, I have bought it, amazon sent me a question asked by a customer on how to use these accessories. I thought it would be good to share the review on blog in case any of you is planning to buy it.

So here we go:
This packet comes in 7 accessories (actually 11):
3 size hair donuts
3 size Banana Bumpits
2 Tic Tac Puff maker
2 Volumizers
1 Magic Puff Maker

The instructions on the packet are in Chinese, so can't understand:(
Price: 295 INR

                                                                 Banana Bumpits in 3 sizes
                                                                    Magic puff maker

Donuts- my absolute favorites

Pictorial presentation for how to use the Volumizer and tic tac.

My Experience:

To start with, I have very thin hair. So I wanted something that can add volume to it and at the same time, allow me to do different hair styles. This kit had it all. But As you can see, this kit caters to the needs of all and thus have 3 different sizes. The volumizers and tic tac are visible even after covering in my thin hair, so I have no use for them. The Banana bumpits are very hard, harsh and big; so, again they are not for me. Puff maker is very delicate but can be used well. 

I only use Donut, that too, the smallest which fits in my hair perfectly. Whenever I make a bun with this donut, I always get loads of compliments on my neat, heavy bun. The bun is very easy to do. Even if you are a beginner, you will finish setting it within 5 minutes! Also, the donut is very soft and never causes me any hair fall. It stays put for whole day, and it comes out smoothly whenever I remove it. I am absolutely in love with these Donuts.

However, these donuts are available in the markets at the price of 25 INR. So considering that I don't use anything else from this packet, I think it was a waste of money. 

Overall thoughts
Donuts are a must have hair accessories for all types of hair. They can be used on casual as well as special occasions. So buy this kit if you have thick hair and can use all of that; otherwise, just go to your local market and buy Donuts.

Here is the demo of how it looks on my hair

and here are the you tube links for how to do this simple donut bun.

A piece of advise:
In tutorials, they advise you to first make a ponytail and tie it with a rubberband. It may work for you if you have thick hair but if you have thin hair, then do a ponytail but don't tie it with rubber band, just hold the hair, insert the donut inside and spread the hair around it. Without rubberband, you will notice that it is easier to spread the hair around donut.

I hope you guys found this post useful.

What is your favorite hair accessory? Share your views and hair pictures with us.

With lots of love,