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My TOP 5 Moisturisers for Combination / Acne Prone Skin

Blessed with high maintenance skin that gets oily and acne prone in summer and a little dry in winter, I keep experimenting with different moisturizers to find the ones that best suit my skin type. and I am so happy to share some which have worked really well for my skin. In this article today, I am covering all options from affordable to mid range to luxury moisturisers that are gentle on our skin type and never cause breakouts. 

Here are my top 5:

1. Tatcha The Water Cream 

This is one of the most gentle moisturisers I have ever used on my skin. 
Usually, I expect my moisturiser to be a multi-taskerprovide youthful glow, brighten skin, etc. but this one only hydrates, yet there is nothing I would replace it for. When nothing else suits my skin, I come back to this. It has earned a permanent place in my skin care stash. Overall, absolutely and highly recommended. Tatcha's products are on a whole different level and worth buying. 

MRP: 60 $ for 50 ml and 20 $ for 10 ml
Color: White
Texture: Light cream like
Main ingredients: Japanese wild rose, Japanese leopard lily

Pros: 1. Fuss free moisturiser that hydrates the skin and keeps it supple. 
2. Gentle on skin and never irritates it at all. 
3. Good for both summer as well as winter.
4. Non-sticky or non-slimy formula
5. Absorbs quickly in to the skin.
6. Very light-weight on skin
7. Best suited for oily and combination skin
8. Never feels greasy on skin
9. Balances the skin and controls excess oil
10. non-comedogenic, non-irritating, no parabens, no fragrance
11. Oil free, anti-ageing formula

Cons: Not easily available in India

I usually source it from Instagram resellers and the travel size costs me about 1800 INR.

2. Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly 

I love moisturisers that don't make my skin look greasy and that impart a natural healthy glow. This moisturiser does that to my skin. It doesn't add any extra shine to my face, doesn't make my skin look greasy and yet provides ample amount of quick hydration for that healthy looking skin. 

I love using it underneath my makeup and even on a regular day. Definitely one of the best moisturisers in Indian market. Honestly, no product from this brand has ever disappointed me. 

MRP: 890 INR for 15 ml, 2000 for 50 ml, 3800 for 125 ml. 
Color: Transparent
Texture: Gel like
Main ingredients: Sunflower seed, hyaluronic acid, cucumber fruit extract

My advise: If your troubled skin doesn't like any moisturiser, give this a try. ALWAYS buy the SMALLEST size first to see whether your skin loves it. 

1. Non sticky, non-greasy formula
2. claims to have clean shield technology that protects skin from pollution
3. Absorbs quickly
4. Hydrates well 
5. Dermatologist developed, no parabens, no fragrance.
6. Oil free formula

Cons: None

3. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

This moisturiser is on the creamier side and doesn't give a matte finish to the skin, rather imparts a subtle dewy finish. I love using this underneath the make up to hydrate my skin and also during mild winters. 

MRP: 890 INR for 15 ml, 3800 INR for 125 ml
Color: Lemon Yellow
Texture: Runny creamy 
Main ingredients: Sunflower seed cake, cucumber fruit extract, Hyaluronic acid
Skin type: Suitable for dry to combination skin

1. non greasy, non sticky formula
2. Very light weight on skin
3. Provides quick hydration
4. Imparts subtle dewy finish
5. Dermatologist developed, no parabens, no fragrance.
6. Oil free formula

Cons: None

4. Neutrogena Hydra boost Water Gel

It took me some time to like this moisturiser mainly because I STAY away from slimy textures in skin care. Even if a product is very good, the texture could be a deal breaker for me. Besides, this one doesn't absorb quickly into the skin, and has a fragrance that I'm not very fond of. However, I like how light weight it is and how it gives a visibly dewy finish to the skin. 

MRP: 370 INR for 15 gm, 1000 INR for 50 gm. 
Color: Sky blue
Texture: Gel like
Suitable for: Normal to oily skin
Main claim:  Patented prebiotic technology that amplifies skin's natural ability to self hydrate and produce hyaluronic acid for moisture. 

1. Hydrates well
2. Provides dewy finish
3. Light weight formula
4. Dermatologist tested

1. Fragrance

5.  Lacto Calamine Oil Balance Lotion


This is the most basic and still loved lotion by me. I like to use it in summer when excess oil is a problem. This one actually controls the excess oil and makes skin look smoother. 

MRP: 75 INR for 30 ml, 130 INR for 60 ml, 210 INR for 120 ml
Color: Dusty cool pink
Texture: Runny creamy 
Suitable for Combination to Normal skin
Main ingredients: Kaolin Clay, Zinc oxide, Aloe vera, 

1. Water based, non greasy, paraben free formula
2. Provides decent hydration
3. Keeps excess oil at bay
4. Spreads and absorbs quickly

I wish it had a narrow opening. I always end up taking out more amount than required. 

Other Moisturisers that I highly recommend: 

1. It's skin Hyaluronic acid moisture cream
2. Lotus Herbals YouthRx Day and Night creams
3. Nivea soft light moisturiser
4. Biotique Bio Morning Nector
5. Cetaphil Gentle Moisturiser

What are your favorite moisturisers? Share your thoughts with me in the comments:)

Lots of love, Neha