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Bio Milk Protein Whitening and Rejuvenating Face Pack

Easy to apply but cumbersome to remove, the product makes far -fetched promises Product Description and Claims : Smoothens wrinkles and lightens skin for visibly fairer, smoother and rejuvenated complexion How to use: Apply evenly over cleansed face, neck and around eyes. Leave on 15-20 min. Rinse with water or damp washcloth. Use daily or as needed. Ingredients : Milk (Protein)-2.0%, Yeast Satva 3.0%, Ankruti Gennum Seeds-1.0 %, Chinna Ghas 2.0%, Neem Bark 2,.0%, Cream base Q.S MRP : 199 INR Qty : 50 g Shelf life : 3 years Color : Opaque White Consistency : Thin, cream like Packaging : The face pack comes in a tiny plastic tub. I would have appreciated if they had given a spatula to take out the desired quantity hygienically. ( Tip : To ensure that the product remains in good condition for a long time, avoid using fingers and use spatula or a wooden spoon to take out the product)   My experience: As I tan pretty fast, I needed a pack to help me de-tan. I bought this pack

The Clean Truth Foaming Cleanser – Ole Henriksen

A gentle yet effective foaming cleanser that provides skin brightening, pore cleansing, and other benefits.  Skin type : acne prone, combination About the brand : Named after its Danish founder (a world renowned skin care specialist), Ole Henriksen focuses on designing products that elevate the skin to its very best. The brand takes pride in using the best natural ingredients to provide the highest quality products and is popular specially for its Truth Serum which was also named no.1 anti aging product at Sephora. Product Description : Gently removes make up, dirt, oil, impurities without stripping the skin of essential moisture. This foaming cleanser contains African red tea extract (rich in antioxidants); vitamin C (brightening and anti-ageing properties) ; carrot seed, orange and grapefruit peel oils (skin nourishment); pumpkin fruit and chamomile extracts to cleanse, brighten, nourish and revive the skin. Gives a spa like experience by invigorating the senses, refreshing the s

My Top 7 Instagram Pages for Skin Care and Make up Products' Shopping

This is probably one of the most requested articles by my friends. Whenever I post product reviews on my YouTube channel—but mostly on my Instagram Stories—readers often ask me from where I buy those products as many of those products are not available in India.  Image credit: pixabay Well, thanks to Nykaa, numerous revered brands from the US, South Korea, the UK etc., are now easily available in our Indian market, but still, there are many people who hesitate to order from Nykaa due to some past bad experiences. I love shopping from Nykaa, but when it comes to buying products of foreign brands, I trust my Insta-resellers way more than I trust Nykaa. The reasons are simple: I get the latest offers currently going on in the respective country. The resellers sometimes send freebies. The products are recently manufactured, so expiry date is way ahead in the future. The range of products is wider. Sometimes, I order the products directly from the websites such as colorpop, cultbeauty, hud

TOP 5 Simple Tips to Give Your Home a New Look

Have you ever felt like your home seems gloomy? or Do you feel excited coming back to your home?  Have you been thinking about how to infuse some cozy vibes to your home? or Do you want to make your home festive ready? Point is there are always plenty of reasons to change the look of our home.  Transforming our living spaces is more like changing certain aspects of our life. The good thing is we don't always have to buy expensive items or spend a lot for this.  Let's quickly look at the budget friendly decor tips for a newer home. Some of the ideas we are going to share won't cost you a dime. Because all they need is a touch of your love and creativity.  IDEA #1 Change the Curtains When we are limited by our budget or resources, we may not be able to get the wall painting done, which is actually a great way to make home look like a dolled up bride. In such cases and even otherwise, I believe that curtains can make the whole room look visually appealing. Choosing a color lik

Milagro Beauty Oil | Review | Brand Awareness Series #3

Are you one of those who love glow? Has the fantasy of Korean glass skin got to you as well?  Although, I'm not going to talk about Korean glass skin, I'm letting you know about a product I use for that healthy glow we all crave. A little bit about the brand : Started by an Indian Entrepreneur cum Make-up enthusiast, Milagro Beauty expanded from just one product (the oil we are reviewing today) to many other products including: Green Tea & Watermelon Toner, Milagro Body lotion and Milagro Hydrogel Sunblock. The first product Milagro Beauty oil has been well received by the community and embraced by many make-up artists. (I've seen Leena Bhushan using this on her brides to prep the skin) About the Product: Milagro Beauty Oil: Infused with 24k gold leaves, the oil is a revolution in the skin care industry. Absolutely organic and chemical free, it has pure essential oils and multivitamins as its key ingredients. The oil is a non greasy formula that hydrates

Kérastase Densifique Hair Masque | Review | Conditioner vs Mask | which one to use?

Hey guys, Today I am going to take you through the difference between hair conditioners and masks, how to use them and then a quick review of my new favorite hair mask: Kerastase Densifique hair mask Difference between hair conditioner and hair masque : 1. Hair conditioner is light-weight and is like a daily moisturiser that can be used everyday as well, whereas hair mask is like a facial massage cream that is thicker, more hydrating and is meant to be used for deep nourishment once in a while. 2. While hair conditioners can be used everyday, hair masks are ideally used once in a week or once in 15 days. 3. Generally, we keep hair conditioner on our hair for about 1-2 minutes before rinsing it off, but hair masks are kept for longer duration. You can keep hair masks for 5-10 minutes, or even 15-20 minutes on your hair. 4. Hair conditioners are only used after hair wash, whereas hair masks can be used both as before hair wash and after hair wash treatment. I like to use it

Garnier Wrinkle Lift Anti-Ageing Cream

A little weight, super fragrant formula that you will not miss not having in your skin care . Product Claim: Visibly reduces wrinkle and fine lines for a firmer looking skin, contains pro retinol from nature, targets different signs of ageing: wrinkles, fine lines, loss of firmness, skin dryness. Proven effectiveness in just 28 days: Reduction of crow's feet wrinkles by 23%, Reduction of forehead wrinkles by 31%, Reduction of under eye wrinkles 18% as per the clinical study. Dermatologically tested. MRP : 150 INR Quantity : 18 g Shelf life : 2 years. Texture: Gel like Consistency: Gel like Color: Opaque White Packaging : Plastic Ingredients:    How to use: Apply every morning and evening on thoroughly cleansed face. Gently massage into the skin using circular movements, moving from the inside of your face outwards and from the base of your neck to the top. My experience: It is one of the most raved products on Instagram and I have compulsive

Dame Essentials | Silk Pillowcase | Review

A once in a lifetime investment that will make your hair and skin happy while giving you an aesthetic pleasure. Dame Essentials was the first brand I read about, which sells silk pillowcases in India. Since the brand's name has done rounds in several famed magazines like Vogue and Elle, I wanted to buy one product from them but the price always held me back. Recently, I went on a silk shopping binge and ordered one product from all three brands which are currently offering silk products in India. Dame Essentials is the most expensive among all, probably due to its brand value. Read on the complete review: Product claims:  Crafted with love and obsessive attention to detail, we bring to you the solution for beautiful skin and hair. Say hello to the luxury of youthful sleeping experience with anti-ageing benefits, without investing any extra time. When you rest your head after a tired day on our pillowcase, you will instantly feel relaxed and taken care of. Our pillowcase